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​​​Creator of the firs Van Gogh house ever in Mount Dora city..he's mural breaking through after a year of litigation with the Starry Night mural.The news gets   global and Richard  "literally put  Mount Dora on the map."

​ He is an artist with an amazing eye for the perfect image although .. he has always  loved drawing and photographs since   childhood... Therefore after the year 2000 ,he  started concentrating more on plastic arts and abstract paintings. As a painter, he learned a lot about faux finish while working in different parks doing scenic painting.

Then he stared falling in love with airbrush art and got increasingly involved with murals. Working  hard on it until   completely mastered the automotive airbrush art. "I believe that  a good automotive airbrush art it's the epitome of perfection for airbrush work". He can proudly say that can draw anything imaginable on any surface.

Combined it the  passion for photography and the  drawing skill  he's able to offer unparalleled artistic services to people around Florida. have received several awards from Orlando City: one for my photography work and other as a plastic artist. Had also exhibited in some of the most  renowned  galleries of Orlando,West palm,

Miami and even South America  and  Europe. 

At his  own company Art Color Painting Inc,  is all about custom images  ; he strive to create custom works of art to meet the different needs of clients. Whether  you are trying  to recreate a moment in the form of photo or a painting, he can produce the finest  images imaginable.  He combine the beauty and perfection of photos with the  nature of creative paintings to bring out marvelous works of art that will keep your memories of special moments ,your business or just  that special art fresh and alive.