Custom  aligator mural for boat house

​Leesburg Center for the Arts 

​Another custom project in client wants a reproduction of a painting (the one you can see in the back),in a big scale plus build a fake window and faux finish around it

John Lennon with the Mount Dora lighthouse in the back and the Beatles logo on the door


car bench

it's a real hood(Chevrolet) and bumper transformed in a bench

I'm going to paint the Mount Dora light house with a lot's of classic  Chevrolet's icons  around.Also I'll paint a couple of  pillows matching the scene.

Marilyn sculpture film

Using recycle materials as metal,wood and plastic.Metal it will airbrushed and  clear with automotive clear coat on top

​Books mural in progress for

​Wolfbranchbrewing.​ Eustis,Fl.

​SOL DE MEXICO restaurant

​Eustis, Fl.

​Bay Pharmacy 3D windows with portraits